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Mon. 25. Dec'23 21:30 La (2)

10th Christmas concert of TH’ BOOTY HUNTERS

Christmas concert of Th'Booty Hunters in Barcelona - 25th December 2023

Ten years have passed since the Booty Hunters, responding to an invitation from Rocksound, decided to turn Christmas upside down. A decade in which the Christmas concert has been institutionalized as a holiday tradition, like doing the Tió shit, getting up to your ass with shrimp, devouring cannelloni, singing carols with your brother-in-law and filling your stomach with escudella and carn d'olla.

A celebration from which you can expect anything, to which you have to go devoid of prejudices and preconceived ideas, you just need to know that you will see on stage the wildest band of Baix Llobregat and surroundings. A sonorous akelarre that travels from country to punk, passing through metal, bluegrass, rumba and gypsy music. Anything is possible in the hands of the indecent herd. And when I say anything, I mean anything.

To celebrate this tenth anniversary they are going do a big show, La (2) de Apolo will witness the miraculous resurrection of Elvis himself, Sergi Estella transformed into an unhinged Santa Claus and a lot of surprises and guests that we are not going to reveal. You will have to come to live it in first person and be able to tell your grandchildren that you were there.

So dig deep into your pocket, buy your tickets, iron your best clothes, rehearse a good repertoire of onomatopoeias, from Yeehaw! to Yihaaa! and come ready to enjoy the craziest and most exciting night of the year!

Front image: Desi Estevez


21:30 Doors

22:30 Start

Access to Honey Bunny

With Th'Booty Hunters' entrance ticket you can enter to Honey Bunny & Bass Bunny's club session.

Minor Entry

Children under 16 must be accompanied by their father, mother or legal guardian. Or , come accompanied by an adulto ver 18 years and submit signed by their parents the following consent form.