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Apolo, Rules

Our safe spaces policy

Apolo, Rules ancho móvil.jpg

Let's make Apolo a safe and inclusive space, free from phobias, harassment and discriminatory behaviour

This responsibility is everyone’s, therefore, we ask that our public have a respectful attitude, and not discriminate based on origin, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

The venue will not tolerate any type of sexism, LGTBI-phobia, racism, classism or misogyny and reserves the right to refuse admission in the event that any of these behaviours are detected.

If you suffer or witness a discriminatory or harassing situation, do not hesitate to ask for help or report it to the venue's staff, who is trained to prevent and to deal with this type of issues.

You can also contact us through the e-mail adress provided for these cases: respecte@sala-apolo.comYour experiences are a valuable tool to keep working and make Apolo the venue we all want.

Our protocol of action is “No Callem”, set out by the Barcelona Town Hall and which is now implemented in over 40 venues and festivals in the city.

Seeing the dance floor as a community one of the keys to respect. We ask our crowd to be aware of the impact of their actions and to make sure that they have the other person’s consent before initiating any type of activity with them.

To respect yourself and others – their appearance, identity, gender...is fundamental to making the Apolo a venue in which we feel comfortable.