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Let the music take over your body with the best DJ sets and Lives

MONDAY | Sala Apolo

Rock · Pop · Indie · Garage · Electro Rock · Disco

Honey Bunny is the funniest party to spend a Monday in Barcelona. Indie, electro-rock, pop and, why not, disco music make the soundtrack with which you can sing all night. A perfect mix between festival hymns, legendary themes that leave you with no voice in the shower and the latest releases of the genre make Honey Bunny the party where, even if it hurts, you keep dancing. And if you're into electronic music, don't miss Bass Bunny in La[2], our antagonistic sister and benchmark for bass music on the Barcelona scene. MadMax and Joe Cabana put together a playlist song by song so that each session is worth remembering, but the night becomes a complete experience when you add animation, special effects and many more surprises.

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Bass · Electro · House · Techno

If you already know Honey Bunny... and you like it but, or you have already been many times or you are tired of guitars, it has an easy solution: go down the stairs that lead to La (2) de Apolo and the drum become beats, the guitars give way to synthesizers and the choruses are now drops. You have entered Bass Bunny, Honey Bunny's electronic temple and probably the best bass music club in the country.

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WEDNESDAY | Sala Apolo

Hits · Pop · Reggaeton · Hip Hop · Electro · Trap

Bresh continues to make Barcelona fall in love with its hit after hit and is installed every Wednesday at Apolo. Be part of this magical story and share a night full of sugar, flowers and lots of colors. And we do not say it as a joke, from beginning to end you will find surprises designed to stimulate your five senses to the fullest.

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Urban Hits · Trap · Hip Hop · Moombathon · Dancehall · Afrobeats · House · Trance

Caníbal is every Wednesday's revolution. Since its origins, more than 10 years ago in this same house, it has championed all the fugitive music patterns and rising trends. A showcase for the new trends that are moving in the streets of our city, Barcelona.

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THURSDAY | Sala Apolo & La 2

Hits Revival · Pop · Dance · Rock + Reggaeton · Hip Hop · Electro · Trap

We could never give up on a session of fluorescent hits, with a VHS filter and sparkling choruses from Milkshake, the night dedicated to pop, dance and rock songs at Sala Apolo. And at La (2), prom night every Thursday, with an eclectic and unbuttoned selection that starts from hip-hop old school and early trap, to reach its latest manifestations and other genres such as reggaeton or electronic music.

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FRIDAY & SATURDAY | Sala Apolo & La 2

Techno · House · Electro · Urban · Disco

Born in 1993, in the dawn of electronics, through its cabin have passed names as relevant as Aphex Twin, Todd Terry, Carl Craig, Kenny Larkin, SBTRKT or Ellen Allien in addition to the local DJ Fra, Marc Piñol and DJ Kosmos. Its counterweight, B-side, reverse and its alternative is Astin, where every night is the same... but totally different.

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SUNDAYS | Sala Apolo & La 2 & La 3

Hits · Burlesque · Pop · Queer Anthems

Dear churreros, welcome one more Sun day to this, your house. Churros con Chocolate, the queer party in Barcelona par excellence and the event that has become a mandatory monthly highlight, is a kind of genuine "collective madness" with lots of fun, interaction, and participation.

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