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Nacho Casado, Daniel Lumbreras y Alberto Montero

Wed. 09. Dec'20 14:48 Sala Apolo

Nacho Casado, Daniel Lumbreras y Alberto Montero

Nacho Casado, Daniel Lumbreras y Alberto Montero

Nacho Casado, Daniel Lumbreras and Alberto Montero will bring their new albums live to Sala Apolo. Amor, Música & Lágrimas, Cinematic and El Desencanto respectively.

Nacho Casado has always enjoyed flying free, due to this his music is full of concepts that run from synthetic sounds, mainstream indie or other trends. Meanwhile Daniel Lumbreras is quite hard to classify, you can find African, Celtic, brazilian o even Rai music in his songs, all grounded on an occidental folk pop base, lyrical and rich in detail. Alberto Montero moves quietly and elegantly through his songs, almost as if he was creating his own traveling diary, an anthology of emotions where each album looks at reality and its surroundings in a new way without forgetting all that escapes our power to decide.

A very special concert for this catalan-valencian power trio.


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