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Maria Rodés + María de la Flor

Thu. 11. May'23 20:00 La 2

Maria Rodés + María de la Flor

Concert of Maria Rodés + María de la Flor in Barcelona - 11th May 2023

Maria Rodés presents her latest album "Fuimos los dos" at Curtcircuit, a bittersweet look at the break-up but with songs that help to overcome it.

This personal vision of the end of love relationships is the Barcelona singer-songwriter's most intimate work.

Between singer-songwriter songs, Latin American folklore and sound experimentation, the thirteen songs that make up the album give voice to that silence and were written in the form of a diary, with hardly any retouching.

The album was recorded with the guitars and charango of Isabelle Laudenbach and Marina Tomás and the cello of Marta Roma, who weave a blanket of arrangements that intertwine and envelop this story of rupture from beginning to end.

Violinist, singer and composer, María de la Flor vindicates the value of traditional music in times of auto-tune.

"Hilanderas", her latest album, gathers and synthesises some of the forces that have been shaking the cultural spectrum of our country in recent times, tradition as a point of departure or arrival.

She presents it live at Curtcircuit with four exceptional accompanists: Milena Grushkevych, viola; Violeta Veinte, violin; Helena Martínez, cello and Esther Muñoz, violin.

Their music is intrinsically connected with tradition. It is precisely in this tradition that she manages to make something unique and totally personal. María de la Flor sings of the past with a voice full of future. Because true traditions undo any opposition between the old and the new.


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Unfortunately, the concert of Maria Rodés + María de la Flor scheduled on May 11th at La (2) de Apolo in Barcelona is cancelled.

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Maria Rodés + María de la Flor


The concert of Maria Rodés + María de la Flor scheduled on May 11th at La (2) de Apolo in Barcelona is cancelled. For more information: