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Costi El Chato

Fri. 17. May'19 21:00 Sala Apolo

Costi El Chato

Costi El Chato

What is hunger? We could say that hunger is an instinct that moves us to look for and eat food; perhaps the strongest instinct that humans have, but their goal is not to make us fat but to keep us alive. Within the flavors we find the sweet associated with breast milk, fruit, sugars and so on we have the salty sodium and potassium, acid, bitter and the umami that is bound to the protein is known as the meat flavor. Your body needs it and asks for it. This necessity is transported to flamenco with singing and dancing and the guitar paying homage to highlight the ways of life and its hunger as the popular saying: "have breakfast as a king, lunch as a prince and dinner as a beggar".


Dance and Dramaturgy: Costi el Chato
Cante: Juanjo de Nayeli, Abraham Jimenez and Jose de la Míguela.
Guitars: Jose Santiago el Chote, Miguel de Aguilera.
Percussion: Paco de Mode.
Transverse flute: Fran León


21:00 Doors

21:30 Costi El Chato