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Culto Caníbal

Culto Caníbal
Catupecu Machu
Culto Caníbal
Sara Socas
Culto Caníbal
Culto Caníbal
Iseo & Dodosound
Culto Caníbal
Las pastillas del abuelo

Rooted and genuine contemporary music at Culto Caníbal

Culto Caníbal is the cycle of concerts curated by the organizers of Caníbal club, which started in March 2022 as regular sessions on Wednesdays’ programme. 

Coherent and audacious at the same time, the cycle's programme is a reflection of the music of the present, that embodies the rhythms, sounds and social values of today's generations.  

At the same time, it is made up of artists who shy away from the mainstream and rising trends, hypes or hits of the moment, and are therefore worth of cult. 

Concert tickets will give access to club Caníbal session on the same day.


Bands worth of cult and contemporary music


Sala Apolo
La (2)


Apolo - Caníbal

Through this initiative, Caníbal reinforces its commitment to alternative, rooted and genuine contemporary music, a house speciality since its origins in Mundo Caníbal more than twenty years ago.  

Since then, artists such as The Skatallites, No Te Va Gustar, Tribade, Damas Gratis, Babasónicos, Sara Hebe or Adala, among others, have already played at Sala Apolo and La (2).