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Caníbal SoundSystem
Caníbal Sound System
Caníbal Sound System Miercoles
Caníbal Sound System Miercoles Apolo

La revolución de los miércoles en Barcelona

The Caribbean is infinite. What's more: Jamaica is infinite. The music of the treasure island is the most alive, permeable and changing of all the planet. That's why, in Caníbal, we've been updating our Jamaican imports every Wednesday for fifteen years. The expedition to the jungle of the voluptuous beats starts soft, starts sexy: roots reggae, dub, drum and bass ... But, beware, the night is long. The fever has not started to rise yet. So at late hours do not miss discovering yourself to the sound of dancehall, jungle or dubstep, even what you dance is trap, reggaeton or mombathon. That's when the Caníbal spirit has definitely nailed your teeth. Enjoy the bite.


Dancehall · Reggae · Ragga · Jungle · Dubstep · Roots · World Music · Crossbreed Music



Sala Apolo
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Canibal Sound System

This monh in Caníbal Sound System...

In February 2020 Caníbal Sound System will host bands and artists such as Smoking SoulsNo Te Va Gustar, Senyor Oca, Zep & Friends!Rupatrupa, Bronquio, Attitude Crew, Dela Rua o Dj Monka