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Liveurope Curated By #5: Sten Ove Toft | Blå Oslo

Wed. 19 Jan
Liveurope Curated By #5: Sten Ove Toft | Blå Oslo

Liveurope Curated By #5: Sten Ove Toft | Blå Oslo

In Curated By we've been asking our Liveurope colleagues to uncover their national upcoming artists of choice.

While we take a look around Norway’s music scene, the last of this series of recommendations, you can still catch the Top 2 of Kurt Ovenverg from Belgique, Max Van Bossé from Norway, Pedro Azevedo from Portugal and Petra Ludvíková from Czech Republic. Just in case you missed them ;)

Sten Ove Toft

The booker of Oslo's club and concert hall Blå underlines the intense blend of electro-pop by the all-female trio Nothing Personal and Nylenda's psychedelic rock. Keep reading to meet and listen to them.



"This trio is just as good as they are difficult to describe. A colossal blend of jazz, hiphop, singer/songwriter, electro-acoustic music and pop. You can probably add on some trip hop here as well. Magical live band!"



"Hailing from the west coast of Norway, this psychedelic rock band with synths all around has taken us by storm with their live concerts supporting their brand new debute album "Medicating A Prophet". Tune in - zone out!"