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ART MEETS APOLO unites clubbing and art in different spaces of the venue

Presentaciones Wed. 24 May
ART MEETS APOLO unites clubbing and art in different spaces of the venue

ART MEETS APOLO unites clubbing and art in different spaces of the venue

Apolo inaugurates ART MEETS APOLO, a multidisciplinary exhibition project that addresses the relationship between club culture and art through the eyes of different artists from the city.  

The art gallery and the club have always existed in constant opposition: while the former is associated with observation and stillness, the other tends to relate to agitation and chaos. However, both are platforms for the personal expression of both the author and the receiver, creating emotionally intense and immersive experiences.

The point of intersection between clubbing and the art world, so intimately linked, is precisely what has pushed the venue to create a project that helps to strengthen ties and experience these realities as a whole.

To this end, Apolo opens its doors to non-musical artists from different disciplines, both renowned and young emerging talents, with local and equal representation as the backbone. It begins with the visual artist Pedro Torres and, over the course of 2023, will also include the productions of Mónica Rikić and Ada Morales & Carla Puig, whose works will be exhibited for months, so that the public who come to the venue can enjoy them during concert and club sessions.  

To develop and coordinate the project, we have aligned ourselves with the gallery LAB 36, the parallel project to Galería Senda, and the cultural agency Screen Projects (LOOP Barcelona), which has allowed us to amplify the effect and purpose of ART MEETS APOLO, bringing together two worlds and their respective artists, audiences, ways of working, knowledge and experiences with a clear benefit: local culture.

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With the aim of experimenting with the concept of time, distance, memory and language, the visual artist, Pedro Torres (Brazil, 1982), uses the image as a mechanism, tool and concept to develop narratives. Artistic productions where science and its approaches and theories also play a relevant role to investigate in a methodological, intuitive and poetic way.  

The work he is exhibiting at Apolo, "ACCUMBENS", created for the occasion this year 2023, is based on moving images and a site-responsive character which link various visual stimuli that will be processed, among others, by neurons in the nucleus accumbens, a group of neurons in the brain involved in moments such as pleasure, fear, aggression or addiction. The three channels of the installation are presented in devices based on the persistence of vision.


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Electronic artist and creative programmer, Mónica Rikić (Barcelona 1986) focuses her artistic practice on creative coding and electronics, combining them with non-digital objects to create interactive projects, robotic installations and handmade electronic devices that move away from functionality.  

This is the case of "PSYCHOFLAGE", the work on display at Apolo, formed by electronic modules equipped with an AI system that influences their behavior: inflating and deflating them and changing their interior light. A playful proposal that transforms the Hall into a space of multicolored psychedelic fantasy.


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"A C" (I see)

Ada Morales and Carla Puig are two young artists united under the nickname "AC" (I see), in relation to the light and installation resources they work with.  

They met during the classes "Laboratory of Materials: Light" given at the Massana School by Tom Carr, with whom they have collaborated on several occasions, most recently through Vers(u)s with a light installation.

The first installation concept design as a team was for the courtyard of the LAB 36 gallery, the beginning and conceptualisation of a joint process that will continue to evolve inside Apolo, invading the nature room.


Ada Morales | Carla Puig