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Primavera a la Ciutat: Pip Blom + Panic Shack + CUMGIRL8 + Saya Gray

Mon. 29. May'23 18:00 La (2)

Primavera a la Ciutat: Pip Blom + Panic Shack + CUMGIRL8 + Saya Gray

Primavera a la Ciutat: Pip Blom + Panic Shack + CUMGIRL8 + Saya Gray - 29th May 2023

Primavera a la Ciutat is the parallel and complementary festival of Primavera Sound. The 29th, 30th and 31rst of May and the 4th of June, assistants will have the opportunity to see artists who also perform at the festival or unique occasions to complete its musical offer at Sala Apolo and La (2).

Pip Blom

Even if this is your first "click" on "Welcome Break", the second album by the Dutch quartet Pip Blom, it will seem to you not only that you've known them all your life, but that they've always been your indie rock of choice.

You've been joyfully returning to those fuzzed-out guitars, to those bangers that come on at once, to that deceptive simplicity and to those hymns to youth almost gone absolutely all your life.

Panic Shack

That there were only boy bands around inspired these friends from Cardiff to pick up instruments and learn to play them on the fly to create Panic Shack, in the hope that their energy would inspire more young, hard-working women to take to the stage.

They don't like to be described as a punk band: their stylistic spectrum is much broader. At the very least, to make us wonder which prefix suits their guitar-heavy jumble better: "pop-" or "post-"? Give them a listen and let us know.


Lida Fox, Veronika Vilim, Avishag Cohen Rodrigues and Chase Lombardo have run into more than one 3.0 obstacle because of the name they have chosen for their band.

It turns out that CUMGIRL8 is a naming that sets off all the alarm bells on certain social networks, but they are giving up: this Manhattan quartet mixes their punk spirit with surf pop and electroclash.

Saya Gray

Saya Gray's pop'n'b, surprisingly nostalgic for a 90s she only glimpsed and at the same time fully contemporary, is ready to make the definitive leap. Whatever comes after her debut, "19 MASTERS", will either be big or it won't be.


18:00 Doors

19:00 Saya Gray

20:00 Pip Blom

21:00 CUMGIRL8

22:10 Panic Shack


If you have a Primavera Sound festival ticket, access to the concerts can be booked through AccessTicket with a deposit of 10€, which can be used as credit at the bars of the festival or will be automatically refunded.

If you do not have the festival's ticket, a quota of tickets for each venue and day will be on sale through DICE available on 16th May at 12h and must be registered in the AccessTicket application to gain access to the venues.

For more information, click here.

Minor Entry

Children under 16 must be accompanied by their father, mother or legal guardian. Or , come accompanied by an adulto ver 18 years and submit signed by their parents the following consent form.



Primavera a la Ciutat: Pip Blom + Panic Shack + CUMGIRL8 + Saya Gray