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Curtcircuit presenta: Maria Arnal i Marcel Bagés + Ikram Bouloum

Sat. 26. Feb'22 20:00 Sala Apolo

Curtcircuit presenta: Maria Arnal i Marcel Bagés + Ikram Bouloum

Concert of Maria Arnal i Marcel Bagés in Barcelona - February 26th, 2022

When Maria Arnal i Marcel Bagés started up again, they knew that the wind was blowing - and how it was blowing! But they also knew that their second album, 'CLAMOR', was (is) a miracle: a counter-pandemic fable that vindicates our own vulnerability; a (hyper) utopia of mutant pop that completely renews the imaginary sound of '45 cerebros y 1 corazón' and that has been recognised as the best national album of 2021 in several media. 

They open the most special edition of Curtcircuit, the tenth, in the emblematic Sala Apolo. With the show in cathartic plenitude, 'CLAMOR' can be heard - it feels - deeper and more revealing than ever. Unmissable!

Ikram Bouloum released his first EP, 'Ha-bb5', in 2021. The project aims to deploy a dialogue between the most contemporary electronic music of the Occident and a personal reinterpretation of the popular and dance music aesthetics of the Maghreb.

With a feminist, emancipated and innovative character, the music she proposes explores a radical sound that destroys the two establishments created by the dichotomy of the cultural clash, drawing a space of her own, empowered and secure through her cultural heritage, singing in her mother tongue (Amazigh -Berber language-), Catalan or English. He will open the inaugural concert of Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagés at Curtcircuit.


20:00 Doors

20:30 Ikram Bouloum

21:15 Maria Arnal i Marcel Bagés

Minor Entry

Children under 16 must be accompanied by their father, mother or legal guardian. Or , come accompanied by an adulto ver 18 years and submit signed by their parents the following consent form.



Curtcircuit presenta: Maria Arnal i Marcel Bagés + Ikram Bouloum