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Hiatus Kaiyote

Mon. 04. Nov'19 20:00 Sala Apolo

Hiatus Kaiyote

Concert of Hiatus Kaiyote in Barcelona - 4th november 2019

The formation that imagined how the soul of the future would sound returns. Each era has a band that brings together all the essential properties to become a musical movement: Hiatus Kaiyote are that phenomenon. These Australians, nominated for the Grammy Awards thanks to their song "Nakamarra", have worked their own way full of sounds in whose core the vast geography of their country of origin is perceived. Corroborated by artists such as Questlove, Erykah Badu, Pharrell and Prince, who have been faithful followers of the project.

This quartet tells us that it was destiny that united them in their cream city, Melbourne, thanks to a chain of coincidences. Its frontwoman and main composer, Nai Palm, is the gravitational energy that spun the concept of Hiatus Kaiyote and led them to a futuristic soul. It was during a concert in an intimate Melbourne venue, accompanied by her guitar of pink nylon strings, which captivated bassist Paul Bender. Twelve months later, they began collaborating in a duo format, with pieces of a markedly intuitive character that would later distinguish their band from all others. Once the skeleton was formed, Paul Bender contacted Perrin Moss - who took care of the drums and percussions - and keyboardist Simon Mayin, getting the organic and electric formula of Hiatus Kaiyote to materialize. Already in the first jam session they realized that there was a telepathic connection between all the members of the band. When they published "Tawk Tomahawk" (Equinox Recordings, 2013) in its profile of the Bandcamp platform, the response exceeded all expectations.


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21:00 Hiatus Kaiyote

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Hiatus Kaiyote