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¿El Último Concierto?

Wed. 18. Nov'20 09:26 Sala Apolo

¿El Último Concierto?

¿El Último Concierto?

Concert halls are experiencing, without a doubt, the most critical and never experienced situation in the sector so far.

Last November, Sala Apolo and other concert halls throughout the state began a campaign to highlight the situation of vulnerability in which we are going through. We came together to celebrate what could be a last concert if the administration doesn’t take all the necessary economic and political measures to prevent the disappearance of this network of cultural facilities that are essential for the development of the artists’ career and the cultural life of our territory.

Read the manifesto at: www.elultimoconcierto.com

This is how El Último Concierto went at Sala Apolo:


Apertura de puertas



¿El Último Concierto?