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Caprichos de Apolo presenta Aviador Dro
Caprichos de Apolo
Caprichos de Apolo Sat. 06. Apr'19 20:30 La (2)

Caprichos de Apolo presents Aviador Dro

Aviador Dro

In 2019 we will resume our repertoire and adapt it, once again, to the current times. We will dress the new uniforms that highlight our ideas on a stage.We will propose a book: LA VISIÓN, which serves as a record of part of our memory, through the eyes of journalists, cartoonists and the testimonies of the 18 Specialized Workers of the DRO Aviator who have worked so that THE FUTURE COMES BACK OF US. We will publish our twelfth TECHNOTITLAN studio album with the collaboration of our Ford Proco electric brothers. And we will advance a little more in our way. We hope that with your company.Mutants united by our desire for change and evolution. The past keeps stalking us. Undaunted, corrupt, fattened with insatiable capitalism and ignorance. We will fight with Future. With Action.With enthusiasm.


20:30 Doors

21:00 Aviador Dro


Sala Apolo 


Caprichos de Apolo presenta Aviador Dro

Caprichos de Apolo

Think of that musician that seems impossible to you that someday will come to play in Barcelona. Or think of that cult artist who doesn’t fit into any programming cycle. Or think about that special show of a large artist in small format. Well, all of this is Caprichos de Apolo.

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Sala Apolo
La (2)