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Sat. 04. Jun'22 20:00 Sala Apolo


Concert of Canelita in Barcelona - 4th June 2022

Canelita is a phenomenon that happens on few occasions. Since a very young age, he began to sing and soon became a member of the new generation of 'cantaores', who seem predestined to keep flamenco alive. A difficult life without frills, undoubtedly deepened and made authentic his way of singing.

In 2020 he founded his record label Canelita Music S.L. with which he has released numerous songs, like the recent "Fuertes latidos".

Canelita's real name is Jonatan Vera. His artistic name is due to José Ortega Heredia Manzanita, Manolo Caracol's nephew, and, according to what they say, he was surprised when he heard him sing in a recording studio for a tribute album to the singer El Chino. He told him: "You are like 'canela' (cinnamon in english) singing, you are going to be called Canelita".

His name is well known these days. He is one of the singers of the song "La culpa" together with Omar Montes, Daviles de Novelda and C. Tangana, one of the two unreleased songs of the album "La sobremesa" by the latter artist.

His first work, "Vivo errante", was published when he was 14 years old (2004) and was highly relevant in the world of flamenco. Without any promotional campaign, he got more buzz than other artists backed by major labels.

A year later he released "Canelita por mi calle" and in 2010, once he reached vocal and artistic maturity, he made the definitive leap with the album "Vuelvo", with songs considered ballads of traditional flamenco singing or pop melodies, performed with the desire to reach a wider audience. An album that also helped him make the international leap with tours in France and Germany.


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