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More than 4,000 concerts have been supported by Liveurope to promote emerging artists

Wed. 17 Jan
More than 4,000 concerts have been supported by Liveurope to promote emerging artists

More than 4,000 concerts have been supported by Liveurope to promote emerging artists

In 2023 alone, the pan-European Liveurope platform has supported more than 680 live concerts by artists from up to 33 different countries, a milestone that contributes to a total of 4,200 concerts in 21 music venues.   

Apolo has contributed to this achievement with twenty artists from up to ten different countries in the last year. Le Kaiju, Sarah McCoy, Kalandra, Selma Uamusse, Daði Freyr, The Murder Capital, YMNK or Julia Sabaté are some of the artists who have played at the venue thanks to the platform's support. As a result, we have achieved greater musical diversity in the venue and brought emerging sounds to local audiences.  

In 9 years, Liveurope has obtained enough EU funding to facilitate exposure and boost the mobility of promising European artists in Europe's leading music venues. In doing so, it has directly contributed to the development of artistic careers from all corners of Europe, including Christine and the Queens (FR), Hania Rani (PL), MØ (DK), James Vincent Mcmorrow (IE), Aurora (NO) and many more. 

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Despite the positive results, the number of Liveurope concerts organised by venues has not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels, and the sector is not expected to fully recover until 2025.  

The promotion of new talent has always been a major challenge for venues, coupled with the multiple crises and the current inflation in Europe which has led to increased production costs. All these factors have added further pressure on venues that were just beginning to recover from almost two years without concerts. Indeed, we regret the closure of the Estonian venue Sveta, also a Liveurope member.  

However, Liveurope has allowed us to take the risks and encourage the careers of aspiring artists. Its nine years of experience have proven the platform's increased visibility and reach, as well as the potential to not only amplify, but also actively contribute to the resurgence and flourishing of the entire European music sector.  

At Apolo we continue to work in 2024 to contribute to the circulation of new European talent and to boost their careers, while maintaining our firm commitment to live music and artistic diversity.