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Virtual Aesthetics: Ni Atlas ni archivo. Tenemos que hablar de tus capturas de pantalla.
Aula Thu. 05. Apr'18 19:00 La 3

Virtual Aesthetics: Ni Atlas ni archivo. Tenemos que hablar de tus capturas de pantalla.

Virtual Aesthetics

The cinema, literature and the museum have shaped the reactions of the public to art, but we can not deny that it is the mobile image and the Internet that are currently configuring them. That which we nostalgically evoked when taking a magazine, a disc or a paper book between hands, the trance that supposes the aesthetic experience has been dazzled by the stories of Instagram. What are the formalisms of this digital aesthetic? Who and who have tried to rethink the Gif or the PNG?

We will talk about 360 narratives, policies of online affection, death of the file or the habit of the frame, enjoying our symptom: the pixilated vortex. Under the title "Virtual Aesthetics" halfway between the viewing of youtube and conversations after random house rooms are proposed three sessions for this spring in which we will walk around the margins of the disposable images. Each session will be accompanied by a small dossier of readings that will be delivered at the beginning of the week.

05.04 Ni Atlas ni archivo. Tenemos que hablar de tus capturas de pantalla.
12.04 Sobrevivir dignamente al Post-Internet. Contra la new-aesthetics.
19.04 Estética del GiF. Manifiesto glitch feminista + Cuando despertó en un videoclip 360º el romanticismo todavía estaba allí.


Visual404 is a collective of audiovisual experimentation in the hands of cyborgs women born with the spirit of dignifying the life of online images. Four years later, five issues of online magazine and numerous collaborations with national film festivals, the visuals decide to take the leap out of the screen by giving workshops and lectures on post-media image, creating installations in homage to GIF or being eternally remembered for dancing profusely in the opening celebrations of the world.


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