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Futuroa presenta Sarao Drag #8
On Fire
On Fire Fri. 24. Jan'20 19:00 Sala Apolo

Futuroa presents Sarao Drag #8

Futuroa presents Sarao Drag #8 in Barcelona - 24th january 2020


Futuroa Sarao Drag is, as you may know already, a Drag Race that avoids stereotypes and is always about questioning gender and its outdated limitations. First and foremost, it’s a party, a celebration of queerness and a moment of love, blending glitter, bodies and euphoria.

If you’ve been dying to be part of the contest: DON’T THINK TWICE, DAMN! We don’t care whatever your genderracereligionlanguageoriginssizeshapecolorform is or is not. We don’t even care if you do it right (just take a look on our nationwide star, Conxxa Vitoy).

To take part in the contest, email us at somosfuturoa@gmail.com with the following info:

Drag name
Short description

The deadline is...well, until there’s no room for more.

And if you’re not interested in stage lights...We remind you that there’s a Special Award for the Audience! Once again, energy, euphoria, sweat, shouts and looks will be rewarded!

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: Futuroa’s Sarao Drag wants to create a safe and inclusive space for all, that’s why it’s IMPERATIVE to respect the PROTOCOL.


¡Respeto! RESPECT

There will be zero tolerance towards sexist, homophobic, lesbophobic, transphobic, sissyphobic, biphobic, ableist, fatphobic, whorephobic, serophobic, racist, misogynistic, ageistic, neither classist behavior, nor any kind of assault towards anyone.

An assault happens when a person feels assaulted.

It’s our co-responsibility to stand up to assaults.

If you are assaulted or you see an assault happen, find a member of Futuroa, they will stop the party and assist you.

If your behavior doesn’t respect this party’s protocol, you’ll be asked to leave.

If you're wondering wether you should activate the protocol, do it, it's probably the best.
If you're thinking about it, there's a legitimate reason.

Save the date babies!

And follow us on FB and Instagram (@futuroafuturoa) for more info ...!


19:00 Doors

20:00 Starts



Futuroa presenta Sarao Drag #8

On Fire

Do not underestimate leisure. In this section of the lab identities are built, ideas are tested and projects are presented. We just needed a space to meet, talk and celebrate where the projects of the feminist community as well as the racialized and LGTBI community are priorized.

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