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Primavera Sound 2019: Lndfk + Efrim Manuel Menuck + Miya Folick + Flaca

Sun. 02. Jun'19 22:00 La (2)

Primavera Sound 2019: Lndfk + Efrim Manuel Menuck + Miya Folick + Flaca

Primavera Sound 2019 in Barcelona - 2nd june 2019


Lndfk was born in Tunisia, country of her father, and grew up in Naples city of her mother. After, she spent some time in New York before settling in Paris, where she now lives. Her proposal, however does not connect directly to any of these vital stages that she accumulates. She is not from one place or another; if anything, she is from all of them at the same time, purely global, a daughter of YouTube and Soundcloud. Her luxurious new-fledged soul, is first cousin to that made by so many of the stars that came to the festival before they were stars, it is universally understandable.

Efrim Manuel Menuck

Roll up roll up everybody, let’s gather around Efrim Manuel Menuck’s wagon! Come and check out his secret ointments, wonder at the sound of his magic boxes and enjoy the frisson of the unknown. Because Menuck has the name of a adventurer, and has already travelled the world with Godspeed You! Black Emperor and now does so alone. Crossing the Canadian border like a smuggler of sound experiments, the also-member of Thee Silver Mt. Zion Orchestra supplies remedies for the soul in dark bottles, balms for peace and remedies that say more through their silence than through their lyrics.

Miya Folick

“Stop talking about that boy”, says Miya Folick on one of the singles of her debut "Premonitions"… She says it to the typical friend who will not stop going on and on about a person who is just not right for them. But she says it for their own good, because sometimes we build our personality on what we say rather than what we want to be. Folick wants to be lots of things. Half Japanese and half Russian, she was educated as a Buddhist and later taught classical singing (from Mozart to French arias) until she decided to start a band. She got a friend to teach her guitar and set up a Tinder profile to recruit the other band members. The result are eclectic and vibrant pop songs that have earned her comparisons to Sinéad O’Connor and Dolores O’Riordan. But she has that unique intuition, as well as an incredible voice, that sets her apart from anybody else. Honesty above all else.


“They told me that they couldn’t understand how I could be such a good DJ and be so beautiful”. “I’m hot, young and South American”.“I DJ for all those who have been humiliated at some time or other for their musical taste, their origins or their sexual orientation”. All of these are declarations from the sofa of the Argentina by birth, Spanish by adoption and global by vocation, Sofía Conti. Flaca DJ, to you mate. The sessions by the reggaeton lover, student of the genres’ classics and activist on the scene, are a “safe area” where there’s no room for classism, racism or chauvinism. She is part of the project CHICA and with the authentic generosity of a scene that goes beyond name-dropping; her nights of neoperreo with la raza are more effective than fluoxetine for releasing endorphins. Be careful, they can be addictive.


22:00 Doors

23:00 Lndfk

00:30 Efrim Manuel Menuck

01:45 Miya Folick

03:00 Flaca