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The Neal Morse Band

Sun. 29. May'22 18:30 Sala Apolo

The Neal Morse Band

Concert of Neal Morse Band in Barcelona - 29th May 2022

After two concept albums, the Neal Morse Band released a final album in 2021, "Innocence & Danger", with a series of unrelated songs, which in 2022 they will take to stages.

According to the drummer, Mike Portnoy, "after two consecutive double albums, it has been refreshing to rewrite a collection of unrelated individual songs, in line with our first album".

Like his two acclaimed previous albums, "Innocence & Danger" is a double album, perfect for enthusiating progressive rock fans.

"There is a half-hour epic and a 20-minute one. I really didn't realize they were so long when we were recording them, which I think is great because if a movie is really good, you don't realize it lasts three hours!" Portnoy explains.

The Neal Morse Band was formed in 2012, with Neal Morse (voice, keyboards and guitars), Mike Portnoy (drum, voice) and Randy George (bass), as well as Bill Hubauer (keyboards, voice) and Eric Gillette (guitars, voice).

The band's first album, "The Grand Experiment", showed freshness and maturity further developed in the next three albums.


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The Neal Morse Band