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Milkshake: Dj Stile & ADC

Thu. 26. Mar'20 00:30 La (2)

Milkshake: Dj Stile & ADC

Milkshake: Dj Stile & ADC in Barcelona - March 26, 2020

The little sister of Cupcake, Milkshake, is an amazing musical proposal, inspired by the American High School graduations, where Dj Stile and ADC mix current national and international urban genres offering hits that can’t be forgotten on the dance floor. Hand in hand with Nasty Garage, Milkshake has created a unique and different style for Thursdays in Barcelona.


00:30 Doors opening


Nasty Mondays: nastygarage.com


Milkshake: Dj Stile & ADC

We could never give up on a session of fluorescent hits, with a VHS filter and sparkling choruses from Milkshake, the night dedicated to pop, dance and rock songs with Bulma Beat, Luc Loren and others. And prom night every Thursday, with an eclectic and unbuttoned selection that starts from hip-hop old school and early trap, to reach its latest manifestations and other genres such as reggaeton or electronic music with Stile, ADCØ and more artists.

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00:00 - 05:00

Sala Apolo
La (2)