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Caprichos de Apolo & Sordina presenten: Barcelona Piano Day | Marina Herlop
Caprichos de Apolo
Caprichos de Apolo Wed. 03. Apr'24 20:30 La (2)

Caprichos de Apolo & Sordina present: Barcelona Piano Day | Marina Herlop

Concert of Marina Herlop in Barcelona - 3rd April 2024

Intense, adventurous spirit and rhythmic elegance, the Catalan composer, pianist and producer Marina Herlop presents her fourth album "Nekkuja" (2023) at Caprichos de Apolo the 3rd of April. In her new work, she searches for her inner light through instrumental ornaments, electronic sounds and her sweet and warm voice.

Bringing order to the wild chaos to create something vibrant and lasting, Marina Herlop confects an imaginary garden where to travel and wonder thanks to the mixture of familiar sounds with the fantasy of bucolic recordings. A concert that is part of the Barcelona Piano Day celebration at Apolo along with the Sordina concert series.

Thanks to the piano and voice as the only tools for musical experimentation, she composed the first album, "Nanook" (2016). To the second LP, "Babasha" (2018), she added synthesizers and extra layer effects, electronic elements that have allowed her to incorporate rhythms and timbres that lead to more aesthetic and emotional compositions.

A creative process that consolidates with the awaited third work, "Pripyat" (2022), the first produced by computer. Inspired by the Carnatic music of South India, the album is a technical exaggeration that changes the direction of her compositions towards a hypnotic and extravagant sound.


20:30 Doors

21:30 Marina Herlop

Minor Entry

Children under 16 must be accompanied by their father, mother or legal guardian. Or , come accompanied by an adulto ver 18 years and submit signed by their parents the following consent form.



Caprichos de Apolo & Sordina presenten: Barcelona Piano Day | Marina Herlop

Caprichos de Apolo

Think of that musician that seems impossible to you that someday will come to play in Barcelona. Or think of that cult artist who doesn’t fit into any programming cycle. Or think about that special show of a large artist in small format. Well, all of this is Caprichos de Apolo.

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