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Primavera a la Ciutat: Maggie Rogers + Gwenno + Lila Drew + ElectronICON Party

Sun. 04. Jun'23 19:00 La (2)

Primavera a la Ciutat: Maggie Rogers + Gwenno + Lila Drew + ElectronICON Party

Primavera a la Ciutat: Maggie Rogers + Gwenno + Lila Drew + ElectronICON Party - 4th June 2023

Primavera a la Ciutat is the parallel and complementary festival of Primavera Sound. The 29th, 30th and 31rst of May and the 4th of June, assistants will have the opportunity to see artists who also perform at the festival or unique occasions to complete its musical offer at Sala Apolo and La (2).

Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers is no longer a viral sensation, but an up-and-coming artist who has already left behind the advice of her mentor Pharrell Williams.

Her music is a road movie headed for a larger-than-life neon horizon. A masterclass in unexpected hooks and production ingenuity that amplifies the impact of a voice that lends an anthemic quality to everything it touches.


Gwenno is one of the foremost disseminators of the Cornish language, a former member of the retro band The Pipettes but who really came into her own with her solo albums.

Interested in the esoteric side of pop and sung in Welsh and, more recently, in Cornish, the author disappears to encode nocturnal messages, sometimes everyday, sometimes deeply personal.

Lila Drew

Lila Drew's pop is capable of mutating our moods in the blink of an eye, with no rational explanation. Such are all the songs of this London-born, Los Angeles-raised songwriter: emotional phases that flow between melancholy and illusion.

ElectronICON Party

ElectronICON is the party that vindicates and devirtualises the architects of vaporwave, against any thought that it is a current only linked to that online.

Born out of the 100% Electronica label, ElectronICON has been gaining fans with each new date in the United States.

This time, however, the line-up will be exceptional with live performances of new albums by George Clanton and Neggy Gemmy, the live premiere of cult icon Windows 96 and more steamy milestones.


19:00 Doors

20:00 Lila Drew

21:05 Gwenno

22:30 Maggie Rogers

00:30 ElectronICON Party


If you have a Primavera Sound festival ticket, access to the concerts can be booked through AccessTicket with a deposit of 10€, which can be used as credit at the bars of the festival or will be automatically refunded.

If you do not have the festival's ticket, a quota of tickets for each venue and day will be on sale through DICE available on 16th May at 12h and must be registered in the AccessTicket application to gain access to the venues.

For more information, click here.

Minor Entry

Children under 16 must be accompanied by their father, mother or legal guardian. Or , come accompanied by an adulto ver 18 years and submit signed by their parents the following consent form.



Primavera a la Ciutat: Maggie Rogers + Gwenno + Lila Drew + ElectronICON Party