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Caprichos de Apolo presenta Los Chichos | 50 Aniversario
Caprichos de Apolo
Caprichos de Apolo Sat. 01. Apr'23 20:00 Sala Apolo

Caprichos de Apolo presents Los Chichos | 50 Anniversary

Concert of Los Chichos in Barcelona - 1rst April 2023

Although the comings and goings and two attempts to retire, the last one in 2018, the stage is still the place where Los Chichos have always felt most comfortable.

With 22 albums released and more than 20 million copies sold, the benchmarks of flamenco rumba come to Caprichos de Apolo to celebrate 50 years of career.

Currently formed by the brothers Julio and Emilio González Gabarre and the latter's son, Emilio González Júnior, the group keeps alive the classics composed mainly by Juan Antonio Jiménez "Jeros" and for which the public of several generations camela and adore them.

The neighbourhood of El Pozo del Tío Raimundo, in Vallecas (Madrid), has influenced the creation of lyrics and stories told in three minutes where class, gypsy ethnicity and marginal society converge with songs of love, life and freedom to the rhythm of hand clapping and guitar strumming.

Songs such as "Mujer cruel", "Otro camino" or their 1973 debut "Quiero ser libre" have remained intact over time and have been a source of inspiration for numerous later artists, both inside and outside rumba and flamenco, such as Sergio Dalma, Estopa, Camela and Dellafuente.

For fans of: Los Chunguitos, Las Grecas, Camarón, La Húngara, Paco de Lucía, Los Calis


19:30 Meet & Greet

20:00 Doors

21:00 Start


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Caprichos de Apolo presenta Los Chichos | 50 Aniversario

Caprichos de Apolo

Think of that musician that seems impossible to you that someday will come to play in Barcelona. Or think of that cult artist who doesn’t fit into any programming cycle. Or think about that special show of a large artist in small format. Well, all of this is Caprichos de Apolo.

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