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Escena Barcelona 2023: Los Ganglios + Fera y Las Disidentes + Tronco + Omvra + Le Kaiju

Fri. 09. Jun'23 19:30 La (2)

Escena Barcelona 2023: Los Ganglios + Fera y Las Disidentes + Tronco + Omvra + Le Kaiju

Escena Barcelona 2023 | Los Ganglios + Fera y Las Disidentes + Tronco + Omvra + Le Kaiju in Barcelona - 9th June 2023

We present the third edition of Escena Barcelona, its mini festival dedicated to promote and boost the local scene. A day of free music programme with bands, DJs and producers established in the Catalan capital.

With Los Ganglios as headliners, they will be accompanied on the 9th of June at La (2) de Apolo by Fera and Las Disidentes + Tronco.

Escena Barcelona was born in 2018 with the aim of being a celebration of the diverse and fruitful music scene of the city, giving to know from emerging artists to more established ones that deserve representation.

Los Ganglios

After an unexpected pause in 2019, the Barcelona-based band from Badajoz, Los Ganglios, decided to hit the road again last year with their own style called "porc" music, a sound they describe as the purest and most genuine branch of "cumbianchero technopunk".

Whatever the words they have chosen to continue to be stylistically undefined, and although convention doesn't suit them, the truth is that Xoxé Tétano and Rafael Filete don't shy away from anything. There’s no better moment to rediscover their humorous lyrics with social and political references in a live performance that is both incendiary and fun.

Fera y Las Disidentes

Fera y Las Disidentes is the latest project by Thaïs Cuadreny aka Fera, a queer activist and musician with more than fifteen years of experience in the Barcelona underground scene. Her music is a cry for personal and stylistic freedom, a creative and ideological commitment that she proposes together with Ana Bonano, Anadleehi, Jordi Farreras and Nadia Lago Sáez, where they mix power on stage, queer and LGTBIQ+ activism, large doses of punk attitude and an unclassifiable fusion of vintage genres. All this served raw, escaping from labels and maintaining the rebellious and positioned character that they don't seem to be thinking of abandoning.


If there is one thing we know for sure, it is that the world needs more groups like Tronco: fresh, personal, spontaneous, sincere and with a finely tuned sense of humour. "We are brothers and we like to sing songs", anticipates their Instagram description, although the truth is that the jovial stories they tell us, from the most incomprehensible fantasy, reveal much more than that. Fermí and Conxita Herrero play their own game, they do things their own way. And we don't know how they do it, but with their eloquence, they thrill and convince anyone that they are right.

Omvra Dj set

Eclecticism and catharsis are the foundation of the project of the Italian DJ producer Omvra. Her passion for electronic music started very early as a clubber, becoming a mission more than ten years ago in the city of Barcelona.

Her interest for the sound of the eighties represents her musical essence with styles as Newbeat, Coldwave, EBM, or Post Punk that she mixes with styles like Electro and Techno

Guest artist: Le Kaiju

French producer, DJ and instrumentalist Le Kaiju is a creature of the club. With a sound rooted in a rich cultural heritage, they break down the boundaries between musical genres, mixing dancehall rhythms with Brazilian funk, Jersey Club with Chicago Footwork. Their latest live set explores deeper and more personal sonic palettes, with a focus on modular synthesis and improvisation.

Le Kaiju is the guest artist at Escena Barcelona supported by Liveurope, the first pan-European initiative that supports concert venues in their efforts to promote emerging European artists. Liveurope is co-founded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.


19:30 Doors

20:00 Tronco

20:55 Fera y Las Disidentes

21:50 Los Ganglios

22:45 Le Kaiju

23:30 Omvra Dj set


Escena Barcelona attendees will have free access to Nitsa Club.

Minor Entry

Children under 16 must be accompanied by their father, mother or legal guardian. Or , come accompanied by an adulto ver 18 years and submit signed by their parents the following consent form.



Escena Barcelona 2023: Los Ganglios + Fera y Las Disidentes + Tronco + Omvra + Le Kaiju