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Caprichos de Apolo presenta Chico Blanco
Caprichos de Apolo
Caprichos de Apolo Fri. 19. Jan'24 21:00 La (2)

Caprichos de Apolo presents Chico Blanco

Concert of Chico Blanco in Barcelona - 19th January 2024

Chico Blanco is probably one of the most influential artists of the latest generation of national talent, without necessarily being on everyone's radar. The 19th of January he will be at Caprichos de Apolo presenting live "Forever 21", a double EP with infinite nuances where the artist from Granada continues to expand his sound palette through new singles like "ENAMORADODE", "Q NO" or "BBDM".

Under the alter ego of Chico Blanco, Pablo Cobo was one of the first to merge dance music with the main pop genres, while developing an increasingly personal sound capable of producing the sensation of being in front of something fresh and different, totally unique.

The producer and DJ can do a live set at an indie festival, release an EP with Soto Asa and play at a Boiler Room within a few days. His versatility is, de facto, what allows him to explore a mix of musical genres that is not casual, influenced by 90's house or UK garage as well as pop or ambient, while retaining the urban DNA that defined him in his first references as Vvhite Boy.

His previous EPs, "Gominola" (2020) and "Life after House" (2019), have made him an essential in the Spanish music scene: productions that are a way to escape from an increasingly dystopian world in which contradictions, truth and lies converge with the euphoria that emanates from a moment of fun.

Guest artist: La Francesssa


21:00 Doors

21:30 La Francesssa

22:40 Chico Blanco

23:30 DJ Hidrataccioni

Acceso a MAREO

Ticket holders for Chico Blanco's concert at Caprichos de Apolo will be able to stay at his MAREO afterparty at Nitsa Club. From the end of the show until 00:30, a stamp will allow them to leave and re-enter the venue before 01:30.

Minor Entry

Children under 16 must be accompanied by their father, mother or legal guardian. Or , come accompanied by an adulto ver 18 years and submit signed by their parents the following consent form.



Caprichos de Apolo presenta Chico Blanco

Caprichos de Apolo

Think of that musician that seems impossible to you that someday will come to play in Barcelona. Or think of that cult artist who doesn’t fit into any programming cycle. Or think about that special show of a large artist in small format. Well, all of this is Caprichos de Apolo.

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