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Curtcircuit: b1n0 + UMA

Fri. 17. Nov'23 20:30 La (2)

Curtcircuit: b1n0 + UMA

Concert of b1n0 + UMA in Barcelona - 17th November 2023

b1n0's proposal is structured from the lack of a fixed singer and dresses itself through all the possibilities that derive from it. Until now, the duo has used the featuring format for the songs that required vocals.

They present their new album "101" where, together with Voctro Labs, they have created a new singer, a new voice, from the fusion of the singers of their first album.

Using the resources offered by this software, b1n0 aims to blur the boundaries between the machine and the human voice and also completely renew their live performance. They go from 2 to 3 musicians, arranged in a more integrated way, forming a single unit, sharing space and instruments.

Surrounded by a structure of LED strips, which provide light, pictorialisation and movement. b1n0 presents a live a/v show where they place the sampler in the foreground and focus their creative process on the permeability offered by instruments and interactive musical systems in the reproduction and manipulation of sound.

Uma is an indie pop artist based between Barcelona and London. Her next project, to be released through Slow Dance, is an experimentation in classical songwriting and electronic folk.

She will open the b1n0 concert at La (2) de Apolo the 17th of November as part of Curtcircuit.


20:30 Doors

21:00 UMA

21:45 b1n0

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