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21 Festival Mil·lenni: Austra

Fri. 04. Dec'20 20:30 La (2)

21 Festival Mil·lenni: Austra

Concert of Austra in Barcelona - 4th December 2020

The Canadians Austra have been a decade (they were founded in 2009) functioning as the new best international reference of electro-pop arty "Kate Bush". Although again, after ten years, it has already prescribed. They came out like a motorcycle, with their debut LP, "'Feel It Break', 2011 -" An undisputed monument. Best record of the year ”(Toronto Star); “Best album of 2011” (New York Magazine) - and so they have continued, without lowering the bar - of “Future Politics”, their last and third album, of 2017, in New Musical Express said: “Same as cold water and pure, clean the mental trash, letting you feel alive again ”-. Between the synthetic and the Gothic, with the right point of British new wave eighties to evoke groups like Japan or Soft Cell but without going over retro, theirs is like re-entering Studio 54 before the high and without leaving the 21st century . In front, vocalist Katie Stelmanis, an LGTB icon, possessing a spectacular voice, of operatic education, that breathes drama and epic into the instrumental plot, increasingly more friend-of-the-electronic, as in her album two years ago years, where they moved to Depeche Mode to a near-house base in Detroit / Chicago. They are a combination of classic and modern extravagant (striking, does not leave indifferent) but crossover (goes beyond the ghetto, reaches a wide audience), with a very well defined and worked darkness, to the point of making it addictive and danceable. In April, a new chapter in its history with the fourth album of his career, which will be on the Domino label.


20:30 Doors

21:00 Austra

Minor Entry

Children under 16 must be accompanied by their father, mother or legal guardian. Or , come accompanied by an adulto ver 18 years and submit signed by their parents the following consent form.


Debido a la situación actual el concierto de Austra pasa a celebrarse el 19 de noviembre de 2021. Las entradas serán válidas para la nueva fecha. Si se desea su reembolso, contactar con el promotor del concierto.