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Aula Apolo

Aula Apolo
Aula Apolo

There is not only one way of learning and there is not only a single training format. In this section of the lab we adopt any musical, artistic or audiovisual proposal that has the intention of sharing knowledge, which is still another form of activism.

Editatona Art + Feminism: it is a community update of Wikipedia’s entries on topics related to gender, art, feminism and technology. Organized by Art+Feminism, Liquen Data Lab,  Visual404,  MYM y UOC.

Virtual Aesthetics: it is a cycle of lectures on new virtual aesthetics, 360 narratives, policies of online affection or death of the file, organized by Visual404..

Literary Hall La Devorada: it is a feminist literary hall that pays homage to twentieth-century writers. Organized by Laura Holdein, it is opened to humans, mutants and ghosts who are able to read.

Creative Action For Social Change: Action 004 organized by Creative Action For Social Change with local artists with the intention of raising funds for MyStart, which carries out art projects at Kakuma Refugee Camp.

Summer Fun Lab: it is a cycle of activities around the creative production from the digital arts organized by Matics and Sala Apolo.


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